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The Beauty of Flowering Lawns

The Beauty of Flowering Lawns

We’re interviewing Amy Cox from Pro Time Lawn Seed because it fits in line with our organic approach of keeping a lawn.

Diane discovered this company last year and is thrilled with the choices and mixtures that they provide for eco-lawns. Their seeds are not only genetically diverse species but require less water. The mixture will also fix the nitrogen in the soil so that you don’t need any additional inputs.
Some mixtures contain flowers to draw in more pollinators to your gardens.

Diane and Amy talk about the importance of getting rid of monoculture in lawns. They also discuss overseeding and combating the problems caused by dog urine.

They go on to discuss methods of keeping your soil and lawn healthy with various techniques from worm castings to mulching lawnmowers.

Note: we do not receive any compensation or benefit from highlighting Pro Time Lawn Seed. We have interviewed them because we really like their products and recommend them to our clients.


You can find Pro Time Lawn Seed at https://protimelawnseed.com


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