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Introductions And What To Do With Brown Lawns

Introductions And What To Do With Brown Lawns

In this first episode of The Earth Friendly Homeowner Podcast we discuss our personal journey and the reason we started this website, blog and podcast.

Why did you want to create this podcast?

We also talk about what is next for the podcast and topics we’ll be covering in the future.

G3 Green Gardens Group teaches homeowners and professionals the Watershed Wise Landscape approach to landscaping. Check out the calendar of homeowner classes. Sheri and Diane both teach classes for G3 and there are several other amazing instructors. We highly recommend you take a class (it is free) if you are in Southern California.

The first set of podcasts will answer the typical questions homeowners like you ask us again and again.

My lawn is brown, what do I do?

  • Let’s take a big picture look: Why lawn in yards? The History of Lawns in America
  • G3, Green Gardens Group are promoting an historical alternative to lawn in Beverly Hills called the Estate lawn. They have worked with seed companies to recreate it and bring it back.
  • How much water does a typical lawn use?
  • How to create a soil sponge that will protect you regardless of if we have an El Nino or Drought.
  • How healthy soil solves environmental problems

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Upcoming Show Topics:

  • Artificial Turf
  • Gravel, rocks, concrete
  • Sheet Mulching
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Flooding and drought topics
  • Composting with worms
  • Edible landscaping ideas
  • Sheet mulching
  • Alternative energy – like solar power
  • Removing toxins from your home
Artificial Turf is NOT the answer

Artificial Turf is NOT the answer