Solve Climate Change With Judith Schwartz

Our interview for this podcast is with Judith Schwartz author of one of our very favorite books Cows Save the Planet(2013). Judith’s latest book is Water In Plain Sight – Hope For A Thirsty World is now on our list of books that make the soil-water-landscape connection easy to understand. Judith’s work in her new book, and her previous book, bring us a huge message of hope as we are faced with climate change, drought, floods, wildfire, food insecurity and poor nutrition.

Interview With Brad Lancaster

We were very excited to interview one of our heroes for the podcast this week. Brad Lancaster lives in Tucson, Arizona where they  get an average of 11 inches of rain a year. Brad has converted his residential neighborhood from a sparsely planted, hot, barren dry land that flooded during the summer monsoons, into a self sustaining, rainwater capturing, food producing community oasis. 

We discuss El Nino, how we can best avoid flooding and how El Nino will not solve the problem of the drought.

All About Aerated Compost Tea / Aerated Worm Tea

Want to grow healthy plants and vegetables? Want to avoid weeds? Want to remove petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides from your yard? Want to grow food that is nutrient rich? It all starts with healthy soil, and the easiest and best way to get, and keep, healthy soil is to treat with good quality compost tea.

Sheet Mulching Or How To Create A Soil Sponge


In our last podcast we talked about how rock and gravel gardens are not the answer, and nor is just concreting the whole back yard. Many worry about the cost associated with replacing a brown lawn with something better, so today we are going to talk about something you can do right now for very little time and money.

Rock and Gravel Won't Save You

Continuing the series Sheri and I  started a few podcasts ago, we address the question we hear the most in the classes we teach: 

“My lawn is brown now what?” or
“Are rocks, gravel and few cactus the only option?” or
“What if I just concrete it over?” or

“The alternatives are a lot more expensive, and I don’t have that money”

No matter where you live, today’s topic will apply to you.