Rainwater Harvesting Plan

Rainwater Harvesting Plan


Is capturing rainwater in your yard a 'no brainer', but confused as to how best go about it? Are you applying for turf removal incentives and need help with the rainwater harvesting plan? 

Our Rainwater Harvesting Plan service can solve your problems! With 3+ years of rainwater harvesting experience in a variety of different yards and public gardens, The Yard Fairy can provide you with solutions for many different situations. 

Your Rainwater Harvesting Plan starts with a 60 minute consultation to gather your needs and answer questions you have about rainwater harvesting. We then return to the office to draw up your plan based on satellite imagery. We calculate the rainwater catchment area and the typical volumes of water. We then overlay your base plan with the rainwater capture devices we recommend. This whole report is delivered to you digitally in an easy read format with additional online support for questions.

TIME: 2 hours on-site plus 4 hours for rainwater harvesting plan…………………………………………..PRICE: $399

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