Basic Landscape Consultancy

Basic Landscape Consultancy


Our Landscape Consultation services are perfect for anyone who is:

  • A new gardener
  • New to this garden
  • Feeling like you don’t know where to start
  • Wanting to make more of the garden you have
  • Having some specific landscaping problems you don’t know how to address
  • Looking to reduce water use in your yard
  • Looking to reduce the amount of maintenance
  • Working on a tight budget

Basic Landscape Consultation

Our Basic Landscape Consultation has us visiting with you in your home and garden, spending time discovering what you like and dislike. We determine what your yard has to offer, and what you would really like to do with it. During your consult, you will receive onsite suggestions of plants that would work well in your yard, suggestions on how to improve the soil, and recommendations for getting the best visual effect out of the space you have available.

This service is great for those who love to garden but just need a little help and guidance, perhaps with a problem area or with a yard that just seems too overwhelming.

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TIME: 2 hours ………………………………….. PRICE: $195.00

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