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Landscaping to Increase the Value of Your Home

Landscaping to Increase the Value of Your Home

Landscaping to Increase the Value of Your Home

Looking for ways to add curb appeal to your home and increase its resale value? Next to the house itself, the second thing that potential buyers look at is the outdoor landscaping.

An uncared for garden or empty dirt lot detracts from the overall first impression and brings the value of your house down. Not only will people come away with the idea that the homeowner simply can't be bothered, but they may also start to wonder what else you've neglected in the upkeep of your home.

That said, whether you're looking to flip your house quickly or want to maximize return on your investment, landscaping is one aspect of home staging that can bring considerably favorable results. With just a few modifications and some minor attention to detail, you can easily transform a barren or lackluster yard into something spectacular. Let's take a look at aspects which can detract from your landscape, as well as how to improve upon your front and back yard to increase the value of your property.

How does a better landscape add value to your home?

Even before a potential buyer sets foot inside your house, he or she is making snap judgments based on the view from the outside. They call this Curb Appeal, and it is one of the main attractants of ready real estate buyers. As mentioned previously, an unkempt yard sends a message about the home and the person who takes care of it. Likewise, a landscape that is well manicured shows that the homeowner has put in his share of dollars and effort to keep the place looking great all around.

What kind of landscape should you create if you plan to sell your home?

Before you kick off a new landscaping endeavor, consider how much of an investment will make this worthwhile. Will you be living here for a long period of time before putting the house up for sale? Depending on your answer, there are two ways to go about landscaping both your back and front yard.

If you plan to remain situated for more than 5 years, think not only of what would appeal to prospective buyers down the road, but also what you would appreciate most in your yard for the here-and-now. This may be the perfect time to plant that vegetable garden you've been thinking about, or install that new swing set for the kids to play on. Investments such as these will not only paint a pretty picture for the future buyers who can envision themselves living here one day, but they will most certainly enhance your own enjoyment for the time that you remain in your home.

Looking to do a quick flip? Then plan for a design that will appeal more to the general public. If your taste runs to the eclectic or even eccentric, this could be a turnoff to any buyers who prefer a more traditional approach to the landscape. After all, people have their own ideas about what looks nice -- and if the current space requires a complete overhaul, they may just pass on the offer. In other words: stage your home with a simple yet appealing outdoor landscape, but don't go too crazy.

Improve your existing landscape without spending a fortune.

Before you do any major replanting or embark upon a landscaping redesign, you'll want to solicit the advice of an expert -- particularly if you're doing this with the intention of selling your home. The Yard Fairy offers landscaping consults which are readily customized to the client's budget and needs, so the amount that you choose to source out versus doing yourself is completely up to you. Having a professional landscape design drawn up is a really good place to start if you're thinking about putting your house up for sale. And if money is a concern, think of it as an investment that will yield returns in the future.

Outdoor landscaping maintenance: keeping up appearances!

Of course, a big part of keeping a garden gorgeous is maintenance. Plants grow quickly and branch out in their surroundings. Without proper care, what was once a beautiful yard can quickly morph into something straight from a horror movie. So, if you're selling your home, you'll want to keep up with the little tasks that mean the difference between a nice landscape and one that used to look good but has taken a turn for the worse. Some ideas:

Trim plants regularly. Cut back the branches or jutting stems to keep a uniform feel. If you'd prefer your plants to grow freely, then simply snip away any brown leaves or withered flowers that could detract from the plant's beauty. Do you have a lawn? Mow it more frequently. Certain plants also require maintenance to stay looking nice. Fertilize at the appropriate times. Dead-head your rose bushes to encourage new growth. Anything you pick or cut off from your plants should always be neatly disposed of in the compost or mulch bin for later use.

Downplay the uglies. Take a look around the garden for anything unsightly that you'd prefer visitors not to see. Perhaps the garbage cans are in plain view and you'd like to camouflage them. This is easily remedied by either erecting a trellis of jasmine, or planting a few bushes in front. If your driveway has harsh edges, plant some nice perennials or other low growing plants to soften the whole presentation and create a more inviting feel. Is your back yard connected to another yard, or does it have an otherwise unappealing view? Consider high-growing hedges or a taller fence to add some privacy. A simple upgrade like this can also cut down on unwelcome sights, sounds and smells that may enter your yard from the neighbor's place!

Add color and interesting decorations. Color always creates visual impact. If, up until this point you've always just stuck with two complimentary hues, now is the time to branch out and add a little splash of something different here and there. Splurge a little on a cool looking bird bath or maybe hang pretty lanterns around the garden to create pleasant and eye-catching focal points. If you have plants that don't bloom, replace them with ones that will come alive in different seasons. This way, no matter what time of year, you can be sure that your garden will look great to potential purchasers. And that's the best way to ensure that you'll be receiving the full value of your property and maybe even a little more than you anticipated.

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