How We Work

Beautiful walkways, patios and seating areas replace the need for high maintenance turf grass

We currently offer three types of service:

  • A Landscape Consultation service which helps you take stock of your yard and assess the next steps for particular problem areas
  • A Garden Coaching service which helps you improve your gardening skills and develop your yard
  • A 'Do It Yourself Landscape Design' service which offers a virtual design service that you can then install yourself at your leisure.

My Top 10 Favorite Bird and Butterfly Plants

In our article "Attracting Birds and Butterflies," we touched upon the types of plants that you'll want to grow if you'd like to welcome a variety of birds and butterflies into your garden during the spring and summer months. Here are some of my favorites, which appeal to both birds and butterflies for a source of food and shelter. In addition to drinking the nectar, butterflies take to specific plants as a good spot to lay their eggs. Such plants offer protection to the larvae as they grow into caterpillars.

Lawn Be Gone and Garden Gurus

On Saturday, I took part in the very first Green Gardens Group Lawn Be Gone Hands On Workshop (HOW) funded by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

A group of 36 attendees transformed a less-than-attractive, water wasting, pollution generating, carbon negative suburban front yard in Los Angeles into a watershed wise landscape in which rain from the roof, via an inexpensive rain barrel, is captured, filtered, cleaned and stored in a living soil sponge. Between the plants and the microbes, carbon from our atmosphere is converted into pizza to feed the a rocking soil party.