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Rabbit Proof Plants

Rabbits are real pests . The UC Davis site for Integrated Pest Management recommends exclusion, trapping and repellents, in that order. Since most people have tried all these methods, plants that are not generally eaten by the rabbits are the next step. This may be different in your neighborhood, as rabbit tastes differ from family to family. In my experience, rabbits tend to stay away from plants with a strong scent.

Lawn Be Gone and Garden Gurus

On Saturday, I took part in the very first Green Gardens Group Lawn Be Gone Hands On Workshop (HOW) funded by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

A group of 36 attendees transformed a less-than-attractive, water wasting, pollution generating, carbon negative suburban front yard in Los Angeles into a watershed wise landscape in which rain from the roof, via an inexpensive rain barrel, is captured, filtered, cleaned and stored in a living soil sponge. Between the plants and the microbes, carbon from our atmosphere is converted into pizza to feed the a rocking soil party.