How To Measure Your Garden Or Landscape Using Google Maps

The first step in any landscape project is to find out how big the area is that you are working with. When you are trying to do this solo, often times fighting with a long tape measure is not ideal. In this video I will show you how to use Google Maps to not only measure the distance from A to B, but also to get the square footage of your area.
Tell us how this will help you with your landscape project.

Earth Friendly Homeowner Podcasts

I am excited to be publishing the series of Earth Friendly Homeowner podcasts I did with Sheri Menelli a little while ago, here on The Yard Fairy website. Our old podcast hosting service is no longer, so I'm going to be moving them over a few at a time. 

Saving Water In Your California Friendly Garden

Learning how to save water in our gardens here in Southern California is vital. Water is a scarce and precious resource that all living things need yet we use 60% of our drinking water in our landscapes, and even on dry days, millions of gallons of water are wasted due to inefficient irrigation. When it does rain, we throw it all away into our storm drains where it picks up trash and pollution and ends up at our beach and in our ocean killing wildlife and risking human health.

The Yard Fairy’s Guide to Outdoor Furniture Buying

The point of having a plant-filled, luscious backyard is to be able to enjoy all that it has to offer. The best way to do this is to sit comfortably on a bench or around a table in quiet contemplation or with friends. So at some point in your landscaping project, you’ll want to begin the process for selecting and adding furniture to your patio and to various “R and R areas” of your yard.

Creating Healthy Living Soil

Healthy soil behaves like a sponge, holding onto water until it is full, and then releasing the excess. Healthy soil locks up carbon, removing it from the atmosphere. Healthy soil protects against floods and drought. Healthy soil is crumbly, allowing for pockets of oxygen that is vital for the soil organisms. Healthy soil is teeming with life. Millions of microbes in a single teaspoon of soil, all working with the plants to create a beautiful, easy care landscape. 

Recycling Rain Using Rain Water Harvesting Techniques

There seem to be two schools of thought on rain water. One is that it is our enemy and needs to be removed from our property as quickly as possible.

The second is that water is our friend, and we need to capture it and let it sink back into the soil. Clearly, moving it away from the house is important, but shipping it out to the storm sewer system causes problems in the ocean and wastes a natural resource.

Planting Tips: Summer Recipes

Though it’s hard to imagine that plants could thrive and survive with our warmer temperatures here in Southern California, many drought- and heat-resistant types will do just fine. While you won’t find advice on planting roses and lilies in this article, you'll likely discover some handy tips on how to arrange and grow plants such as cactuses and succulents. Why spend greenhouse prices on something you can do yourself? Creating the perfect little summer pot for your backyard is easier than you think!

Rabbit Proof Plants

Rabbits are real pests . The UC Davis site for Integrated Pest Management recommends exclusion, trapping and repellents, in that order. Since most people have tried all these methods, plants that are not generally eaten by the rabbits are the next step. This may be different in your neighborhood, as rabbit tastes differ from family to family. In my experience, rabbits tend to stay away from plants with a strong scent.

Decorative Pots in the Landscape

At The Yard Fairy we use decorative pots in the landscape frequently. Sometimes its just the pot we want to see, other times we grow beautiful plants in them too. If we are wanting to grow plants in them, we need to consider how they will get water. Often we will run a micro irrigation tube up through the bottom and then run a circle of micro drip around the circumference of the pot. Other times, we can count on the existing sprinklers to give us just enough water to keep plants like succulents going.

Feng Shui in the Garden

An ancient Chinese art dating back to the Zhou era of 4000 BC, Feng Shui centers around the placement of objects and aesthetics in one's life. Feng Shui applies to all facets of modern existence, from medicine to art to nutrition and exercise. Awareness and application of Feng Shui principles can help us cultivate a life that is balanced and harmonious in every way.

As gardening is an aspect of life, it's no surprise that one can apply Feng Shui in the garden. Purposeful arrangement of plants or other hardscape elements can create a landscape for your home that is both eye-catching and functional.